Creating the service with you

Your Personal Celebrant Creating Unique and Memorable Ceremonies for Your Loved One with You

The funeral ceremony is your precious gift to your loved one, a time to celebrate and honour their life with all its memories and a time to say a final goodbye with dignity and love. It is also the time for your family and friends to gather together to pay their respects and support each other in saying their own personal farewell.

The service we create together will be as unique as your loved one was and every detail of the ceremony is created to celebrate the important things that were special about them. Some people prefer not to include any religious content such as hymns or prayers but you might like these to be part of your celebration. There are many options open to you but the most important thing is that you may include whatever you wish. No two services are ever the same. 

There is no legal requirement for a funeral to be conducted by a religious minister and services led by a celebrant allow much more freedom to create something that reflects and resonate with your beliefs and if known, that of your loved one. I believe that everyone has their own individual spirituality which does not necessarily find its expression in traditional religious doctrines.

I am also able to support people who have a terminal illness who would like to discuss and play an active role in the creation of their own funeral. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to have a chat about this.

What is different about a celebrant led funeral ceremony?

  • It is about how the ceremony feels for family and friends focused upon what has meaning for them and their loved one.
  • It captures the essence of the deceased person and keeps them right at the centre of every aspect of the ceremony. The family owns the ceremony and the family knows what is best for them.
  • It allows family and friends to participate and to take control of content, style and delivery. Every family is different.
  • It is about what matters to you because we all matter.
  • It says, yes we can CELEBRATE.

Creating the Ceremony We will spend time talking about how you would like the ceremony to be. It is as unique as the person that has died, as special as the life they have lived, created around and about that individual. The ceremony is about what you want and I am there to provide support and guidance. I will interpret your wishes and offer suggestion about content and structure.

The tribute, is written to reflect the life, values and special memories about the deceased and is often at the heart of the ceremony. I can, if you wish, write this for you using the information that is shared during our meeting. You will receive a draft for your approval. I always try to encourage someone from the family or a friend to participate on the day, however sometimes this is not possible so I can read any contributions, such as poems or tributes on their behalf. Again it is what you wish for that I will support.

Music is a very personal thing and one of the most evocative elements in the celebration. The pieces you choose will resonate for a variety of reasons and can bring smiles or tears because of what they mean to you and your loved one.

I will always liaise very closely with your Funeral Director and the Crematorium staff, we are in a team working together to make your service the best it can possibly be. You will also receive a copy of the full service to keep or indeed send to people who were not able to be there on the day.