Messages from Families

Hello Mary, Just wanted to say a massive thank you for the service yesterday it was so beautiful! So many people commented on how you captured mum and how we felt about her and how much she will be missed. Thank you  again SS

Hi Mary, My dad and I wanted to thank you so much for taking my mum’s service on Wednesday. It was a surreal and exhausting day which could only take place after a lot of planning, but which all came together under your support and guidance. We were clearly in the very best of hands, and after the ceremony so many people commented on how well you had spoken, with your words truly representing the J they had known. I think we all deserve a drink of our choice after the hard work and effort that went into my mum’s funeral, so cheers to a wonderful service! With kindest regards E&M

Dear Mary, Once again, I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful tribute service that you did for P on Thursday. Everyone said that it was fantastic. Some of my mother’s friends have even gone off to rewrite their funeral arrangements so they can have a similar thing. Everyone agreed that it was how P would have wanted his funeral to be. One of our young friends even made us laugh because as she left the crematorium building she said “I bloody loved that, get me Mary’s no. So she can do the same for me!”. So thank you again, for making P’s final departure & celebration of his life very special indeed. Warmest Regards CW

Morning Mary, I just wanted to send a massive thank you for yesterday. As promised, you gave mum a very special send off. One lady could not believe you did not know mum, that’s how personal it felt. I heard nothing but high praise for the service, it was perfect and you delivered it amazingly. M tells me she got your card – now that’s planning ahead! Thank you for everything. Kind Regards ST

Hi Mary, I didn’t have chance to speak with you after the service but wanted to just say a very big thank you from all of us. Your support, guidance & empathy really helped us during such a very difficult time. Thank you also for handling the service so beautifully, it i

Dear Mary, A big thank you for the gentle and perfectly balanced service.  It was not maudlin but uplifting in that F is now where she so wanted to be and that came across loud and clear.  Again, thank you, Mary and God bless. With love, A X

Dear Mary, Thank you so much for sending me a copy of the Celebration Service – what a lovely thought.  It is so nice to have something like that to keep and to reflect on in the years to come. It really was a lovely service Mary and you did Jeff proud! Best wishes SP

Hi Mary, You did us & Dad proud, like you had known him forever. Best celebration I have ever been to and it was our Barry’s, our Dad. Love J

Hi Mary,Thanks so much for your lovely words and for what was ultimately the best goodbye to grandma I could have expected. I really appreciate you sending that over and I’m sure dad will also appreciate you sending it.Thanks again, J

Dear Mary,Thank you so much for that record of D’s funeral. You took threads of information and wove them together beautifully. You put so much into what you do. That pouring wet day you made your way to the Club and the cemetery. …all of it much appreciated. Hope to catch up in the meantime.  L