Messages from Families

Hi Mary, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your support with everything yesterday. I can’t begin to explain how much you just giving me a hug and whispering the words to me got me through it. You are an amazing Celebrant and have amazing warmth about you. B had an amazing funeral yesterday and so many people said just how calm and lovely you were in conducting the whole service. Thank you so much. K

Hi Mary, I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you for the wonderful work you did for my mum’s service. It was a really lovely service and one I am sure Mum would have been pleased with. I have received emails from people saying what a lovely service it was and they all commented about how good the tribute and poem you wrote were. It was a really nice way to remember mum. It made the day a bit more manageable knowing that we were in your safe hands. Thanks again. I

All the celebrations of A’s life and funeral were managed so carefully by yourself and we are very thankful for your professional and compassionate approach to us and our relatives too. Thank you again, and take very good care of yourself. M

Dear Mary, Just wanted to say thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful service that you gave to J at her funeral she would have been so proud and touched. It was truly amazing and very heartfelt, I just knew you got her and everything that I was feeling and wanted to say. Everyone has commented how lovely it was, some have even said it’s the best funeral they have ever been to if that’s allowed to say! So thank you once again for everything without you it would not have been the same of that I am sure. Good luck in the future and all the best. T

Mary, Thank you for today.  Numerous people asked who you were and whether you knew J well. They all thought you delivered with such love and heart, the words, as you made it so personal & special. Saying goodbye to someone so special is a really difficult time, very emotional & upsetting – yet for the family you guided us well, completely picked up the essence of J and made it the easiest it could be. It was so lovely to meet you and entrust you with the final farewell. We were in very safe hands Thank you. WB

Dear Mary, I just wanted to email you to thank you for the beautiful service you conducted for G on Tuesday. Throughout the whole process you were so supportive and caring and despite it being the worst time of my life you made it bearable,  just knowing that you were there helped immensely. Everyone I spoke to afterwards spoke so warmly about the way you spoke about G, many friends even thought that you were a family member as you seemed to know him so well which is testament to how amazing you are at your job. Mary, I will be forever grateful that you were there for me and the rest of the family and that you helped to give G such a fitting send off. Thank you so much Mary, you are truly a special person. N

Dear Mary, Firstly I would like to thank you from everyone that attended dad’s funeral for the lovely send-off that you provided us with. Secondly thank you from myself for the encouragement and support in making my own speech. You were right I’m ever so pleased I did it. My mum and J were so grateful for all of your support from our first meeting. You really did take care of everything and we are very appreciative. Your words were absolutely spot on and everyone commented how wonderful they were. Love. R, A H and J

Dear Mary, thank you so much for everything you’ve done for the family. I can’t express how much it helps with the grieving process. We will cherish your kind words and understanding. You are perfect for this role and must bring comfort to all the families that request your services. We wish you all the best! Yours sincerely. L, J and T

Mary, thank you so much for a really heart-warming and thoughtful service, it was exactly what Mum would have wanted. I thought that your words were absolutely spot on, sensitive and intuitive. Everyone afterwards said how they enjoyed the funeral, which after all is quite an accolade, it was a funeral after all, not something you expect to enjoy exactly. So really well done you! Thank you so much, you gave her a lovely send off. All the best. J

Dear Mary, Once again, I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful tribute service that you did for P on Thursday. Everyone said that it was fantastic. Some of my mother’s friends have even gone off to rewrite their funeral arrangements so they can have a similar thing. Everyone agreed that it was how P would have wanted his funeral to be. C

We just wanted to say thanks for the wonderful service you gave mum. It was warm and funny, just like her. Your patience with us and your professionalism throughout were outstanding and we were both glad to have you by our side to guide us through this difficult time. It is with love that we say “Thank you”. C&S       

The atmosphere you created and the loving intimate way you led the service was perfect. It was a difficult day but you enabled it to be the best it could have been. Your dignity and reverence helped create the perfect space for everyone to reflect deeply about their loss. CW

The service was as perfect as I could have hoped for her and your words were beautiful. Everyone said what a warm and loving service it was largely down to you being wonderfully “you” and being amazing at what you do. EM

Thanks very much for your help yesterday with the service for K, you struck exactly the right tone and your thoughtfulness and compassion was evident throughout. SM

Dear Mary, Thank you so very much for yesterday. The service was beautiful. I feel such pride and am eternally grateful for your wonderful words on our behalf. I feel that we let mum down two years ago, her service was so impersonal when I look back. It all goes so quickly but I know I won’t forget a moment of it. M, K, J and B all send their thanks and best wishes. Once again thank you for all your kind support. Regards. KA